Creative Design

Our team is not just passionate about design but also about functional design, we work to create digital communication tools which are both usable and visual. We believe that essentially the beauty of the design lies in the simplicity and its efficiency.

Branding & identity

For us everything begins with the branding, we can help you reinvigorate your entire brand presence or simply guide the effective application of your current brand by defining a brand guideline for you to communicate with your partners.

Digital Footprint

Once your brand has been defined it is time to adjust the appropriate online and offline assets. We can go beyond designing your website and support your organization with its social media presence by creating a visual language that is coherent across all platforms.

Responsive Websites

your website is your window to the world. You are showcasing your identity, your products, and your expertise. Within the first few seconds you will give your website visitors an impression of your brand and your company, we make Your website both effective and unforgettable.

Spidex Media is a diversified media group

Spidex media is a diversified media group. A team of credible and highly skilled designers who are involved in virtually every facet of the creative industry. Our mission is to provide strong marketing concepts and effective integrated brand marketing solutions which achieve our clients` marketing objectives.

We offer our clients; branding and Marketing strategies that provide the highest standard of quality and efficiency where service, creativity reliability, and integrity are the trademark of every aspect of our work. Creative thinking and strategic planning will allow us to reach the marketing objectives of our clients.

What we do?

We have specialist graphic designers whom are able to produce artwork for an array of communication materials designed for print
From digital to print, we spread the force of your identity across each and every communication channel.

Branding & Identity

A strong and clear brand identity is key to harnessing the full potential of your brand communication

visual identity & branding

Every visual representation of your brand convey meaning and create an emotional link between you and your customers.

Web design & development

Your web site is your window to the world. You are showcasing your identity, your products, and your expertise


The design work done for your digital communication does not have to exist only in a virtual form.

Inovative Ideas

Our approach to brand development is different. We design brand that works well digitally and cascade them outwards. This strategy gives us a unique way of aligning things.

digital Marketing

Our digital-first approach gave birth to surprising results for our clients.

Who we are

Spidex media was established in 2011. Evolved over the years making us one of the best creative group which operates in 3 countries mainly Zambia, Zimbabwe and south africa this is evident by the number of awards our team and organisation has received. we have 99.9% success rate of our work being satisfactory and getting the desired results for our clients. What we do, how we do it. We understand that clients want to work with a strategic partner who will value and nurture their brand as much as they do. We also recognise that clients need to promote their brand in a hassle–free manner, working with a partner that offers excellent customer service as standard. Operating globally since 2011 we have gained extensive local working knowledge in numerous countries. Utilising this information allows us to efficiently support our clients..

Spidex has a strategic creative unit known as Sparta this is an arm of the group made up of over 50 highly talented creative professionals (Spartans) around the world with different skill set required to take on any project regardless of complexity.







Our Awesome Works

Having a clear understanding of our clients, their needs, behaviors, motivations, common touch points, their products, services and Brand, is critical to our work.

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We want to know more.

Nothing beats great insight. And nothing beat the insight and experience of our clients. We spend time understanding our clients — the nature of their business, the industry, their competitors, the economic landscape, and other factors — that makes them tick.

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Our Services

Our services branch from our diverse experience in the creative sphere. Having almost 14 years of experience in the industry, we’ve built the confidence and rapport to deliver the most demanding projects but still maintain the level of quality in every step of the way.

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